Will Football Manager come to Google Stadia in 2022

When Football Manager appeared for Stadia in 2020, the joy among many FM fans was great. As a result, the disappointment in the following year was all the greater when the successor remained PC-exclusive without any further information.

Football Manager 2022: Stadia release probably excluded

The advantages of a cloud platform like Stadia were also evident in Football Manager 2020 ( more on this here ). The question of whether the new 22 offshoot will return to the Google service is therefore often asked. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, but there is a clear trend:

  • After FM 2021 was not released for Stadia and there was not even an explanation, the signs seem to be bad for FM 2022 as well.
  • Because if a Stadia release was planned, there would be no reason not to communicate it.
  • It should also be noted in this context that Football Manager 2022 will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass for the first time – with cloud support. Due to the competition between the providers, this makes a Stadia release even less likely.

The chances for FM 2022 on Google Stadia are therefore extremely slim, if at all. After all, the Xbox Game Pass should still attract many new users: As is well known, games have to be purchased separately at full price at Stadia, while they are included in the Xbox subscription.

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