FIFA 22: Team of the Week 5 & TOTW 6 Predictions

FIFA 22: Team of the Week 6 Predictions

What’s the current team of the week in FIFA 22? And what about the TOTW predictions? We have the answers for you. In our guide to the FIFA 22 TOTW  you will learn: Who in the current Team of the Week of FIFA 22 has managed The names of the hottest candidates for the next TdW When is the best time to invest in Team of the Week players … Read more

FIFA 22: How to participate in FGS swap

FIFA 22: FGS swap how to participate

The FIFA Global Series is a high-class competition for eSports professionals and the absolute top players in Division Rivals. Thanks to the tokens, however, all players can benefit from the event. FIFA 22: This is the FGS swap The FGS swap is based on the global streaming trend, which is no exception with FIFA 22. By watching certain Global … Read more

FIFA 22: Token prices for the FGS exchange

FIFA 22: These are the token prices for the FGS exchange

The FGS swap allows FIFA players to benefit from the duels of the eSports specialists. The exchange rate for FGS tokens and in-game packs is important. We have the overview. FIFA 22: How to Exchange FGS Tokens for Packs You can earn tokens by watching certain FIFA Global Series Twitch streams. These are playing cards that only exist for the … Read more

FIFA 22: How to connect your Account with Twitch

FIFA 22: How to connect your Account with Twitch

The connection between Twitch streams and in-game rewards for viewers is now well known. You can also benefit from FIFA 22, but for this, you must first connect your Twitch and EA accounts. FIFA 22: How to Link Your EA and Twitch Accounts You connect the two accounts with the following steps: Go to the page specially created by EA … Read more