SHOT in front of the family of a criminal authority

A Georgian citizen was shot dead in front of his wife and child in Athens on Saturday evening. This was reported by the newspaper “Proto Theme”.

It was stated that the local bolis considered it a contract killing.

According to the newspaper, the 41-year-old man returned home with his family on Saturday night and was shot in front of his young daughter and wife near the house. The perpetrator fired at least four or five shots, including a bullet that hit the victim in the head.

Several cartridges were found at the scene. The murder took place in Moskhato district.

“The first information is about calculations. It is possible that the murder was ordered from abroad,” the newspaper said.

Neighbors of the victim say they know the family because the family went to church every Sunday. However, they describe the 41-year-old man as a “blackbird” and a “closed” person who avoids contact with neighbors. They have been living in this house for the last three or four years.

According to media reports, the victim has previously been prosecuted for theft.

He was a member of the murdered Georgian mafia and is known by the nickname Shotiko, MEGA reports quoting Georgian media.

According to MEGA, the murder was most likely related to a “dispute” between Tbilisi and the Kutaisi mafia.