Promised Titanfall 2 Mod to host custom servers is now available for download

It can be downloaded from GitHub.

  • A group of enthusiasts was responsible for the development of a modification and framework called Northstar (in honor of one of the titans), who decided to support Titanfall 2. The mod for the PC version of the shooter was released on December 24 on GitHub.
  • Northstar allows you to host your own servers with classic Titanfall 2 modes, as well as create your own content in a manner similar to the Gun Game. If desired, using Northstar, you can connect to ready-made servers from other users.
  • Instructions for installing the modification have already been posted on GitHub . All you need to do is transfer the downloaded files to the folder with the installed game – you can find it on Steam or Origin by clicking on the game icon. Once properly installed, the Northstar client will appear on the main menu.
  • Installation videos have also been posted online, and Titanfall bloggers have begun posting their first gameplay impressions.

Titanfall 2 servers have been plagued by hacker attacks for a long time, and this happens in the console versions of the shooter as well. Respawn acknowledged the problem, but the situation with cheaters and hacks has not changed in any way.