New World: How to set a recall point

Although there are various options for fast travel in New World, these mostly require Azoth and additional walking distance. The call back to the restaurant requires neither one nor the other.

How to set a Recall Point in New World

In addition to fast travel between the ghost shrines, you can set a callback point in a settlement.

  • The advantages of the inn callback are clear: you can use it from anywhere and there are no azoth costs.
  • Since you can only ever schedule the callback in one inn, the decision must be carefully considered.

To set a recall point in New World, you need to simply interact with the innkeeper NPC behind the counter. On the map (“M”) look for the circular symbol with the moon in the middle of the settlement to find the innkeeper.

The cooldown timer for the guest house callback is 60 minutes and is therefore significantly shorter than the cooldown time for the callback to your own homes. For this reason alone, the call back to the selected inn is always important for your travel plans in New World.

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