New World: How to Perform the Campsite Upgrade

A tent camp is an important tool in the New World game world, especially for PVP players. But the first camp is just the beginning, as there are several upgrade levels. We have all the information about it.

New World: Upgrade your tent camp to level 5

You can unlock the first tent camp from level 5. The tent camp can then be upgraded to level 5. This happens under the following conditions:

  • You get level 2 from level 15 in Königsfels via the quest “Same fashion taste”.
  • At level 25, you can redeem the level 3 upgrade with the Animal Instincts quest.
  • At level 40 there is the quest “Survival artist wolf observations” for level 4 of the tent camp.
  • At level 55 you can tackle the highest upgrade level for the tent camp with the quest “Survivor Fading Light”.

The upgrades can be seen both visually and in terms of content: Tent camps of higher levels look bigger, more extensive, and more decorated, while the number of crafting recipes that are available to you is growing at the same time. For your purposes in New World, better tent camps also have practical advantages.

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