New World: How to Make and use Ash Glaze

The ash glaze is only needed for a very specific purpose in New World and otherwise does not play a role. However, it is all the more important within the subject. Our guide explains.

New World: How to Make the Ash Glaze

The ash glaze is a central part of many of the furnishings you can build for your New World homes. The manufacture of the ash glaze does not require rare materials. To make Ash Glaze in New World:

  1. Go to a workshop.
  2. Choose the ash finish for which there is no skill requirement.
  3. You will need 10x charcoal and 4x weak solvent per production. The result is 10x ash glaze.

You need ash glazes for the production of many basic pieces of furniture, for example for beds, stools, tables, and shelves. If you really want to tackle the housing system, there is no way around the ash glaze. In addition to the ash glaze, there are other glazes that are required for the same area but allow higher-quality furnishings and trophies. Correspondingly better basic ingredients are required to make glazes from maple, oak, and mahogany.

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