New World: How to Decorate your house

Buying a home in New World is just the beginning. Afterward, there are a number of decoration options waiting to turn the vacant object into an impressive dwelling.

How to Decorate your house in New World

The option to decorate the house in New World is quickly found:

  1. Enter your house with “E”.
  2. Press “B” for “Decorate”.

A menu opens with an overview of all decorative objects that you own. You can make other decorations in the workshop. In addition to the materials, your skill level in “carpentry” is decisive.

  • Decorative objects can be placed anywhere, while you can continue to move your character freely.
  • In this way, perfect placements are possible at any time. It should be noted that every house has an upper limit for decorative objects.
  • Each decorative object earns a certain number of points depending on its value. The sum of all your points determines your ranking in the best list of the respective house.
  • Once attached, you can move the decorative items at any time, if you want. To do this, interact with the object and select “Move” to loosen and reposition it.

Trophies play a special role. You can place a maximum of five of these in houses of all sizes and receive bonuses that are always valid, even if you are in completely different areas. Trophies are also made in the workshop.

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