Metroid Dread: EMMI Guide – How to defeat all 7 Robots

In this Metroid Dread EMMI Guide you will learn:

  • Where to find the EMMIS
  • What rewards await you
  • How to get the Omega cannon
  • How to defeat the EMMIS

In Metroid Dread you get to do it again and again with the deadly EMMI robots. The misguided defense robots chase Samus across the map and kill you with one blow. In this guide, you will learn where to meet the EMMIs, how to escape them and what you have to do to defeat them.

What are EMMIs in Metroid Dread?

EMMIs are powerful robots that protect a certain area. They track down intruders like Samus and kill them instantly. One stroke is enough and you’re over. To escape them, you have to be extremely nimble, know your surroundings, or need high-quality equipment that you can find during the course of the game. Better black values ​​thanks to the OLED display! Ideal for the gloomy world of Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread: EMMIs – Where Can I Find Them And What Rewards Await?

There are a total of seven EMMIs in Metroid Dread, each patrolling a specific area. These EMMI rooms are dark and access is via a special gate. You will meet the first EMMI early in the game, but since it is damaged, it does not pose too much of a threat and serves more as a tutorial. For each defeated EMMI you will be rewarded with an item of equipment.

Corrupted EMMIArtariaNo
White EMMIArtariaSpider magnet
Green EMMICatarisMorph ball
Yellow EMMIDaironSpeed ​​booster
Blue EMMIGhavoranIce Missile
Purple EMMIFereniaWave beam
Red EMMIHanubiaPower bomb

How do I escape an overpowering EMMI in Metroid Dread?

As soon as you enter an EMMI area, the killer robots try to track you down. Take a close look at the map and make a note of where the exits are. EMMIs perceive sounds and use radar to locate intruders. You can recognize its range by the cylindrical light cone in front of the robot’s head. If it lights up yellow, the EMMI is looking but has no specific target.

How do I escape EMMI in Metroid Dread

Always stay out of sight and stay calm. If you get too close to the robot, the light cone will turn red and the EMMI will start to hunt you down. Only if you manage to leave the EMMI area will he stop the search. Once you have the phantom suit, you can make Samus invisible. Activates it by pressing the right stick and remaining motionless. Equipped with this, an EMMI does not recognize you even if it is directly in front of you.

Each EMMI has special abilities but also has weaknesses (see table below). Some EMMIS cannot climb, while others cannot get through narrow shafts. Take advantage of their limitations to escape them.

Corrupted EMMIArtariaHas no protective shield, cannot climb and is easy to defeat (tutorial).
White EMMIArtariaCan climb walls.
Green EMMICatarisCan climb walls and squeeze through narrow hallways.
Yellow EMMIDaironCan climb walls and ignite a turbo.
Blue EMMIGhavoranCan climb walls and has a freezer jet.
Purple EMMIFereniaClimb up walls and can immobilize Samus with a laser beam penetrating walls.

Metroid Dread: How can I counter an EMMI attack?

At the slightest touch, the robot grabs Samus and starts the death blow. You only have a minimal chance to counter the attack and escape.

The fight sequence consists of two parts: first, the EMMI grabs Samus and then he kills her. Both times the robot flashes briefly before performing its action. At this very moment, you have to press the counter button (X button). The timing has to be perfect. So you will need plenty of practice and a little luck to escape the robots’ clutches.

Metroid Dread: How to counter EMMI attack?

Metroid Dread: Where can I find the Omega cannon?

EMMI robots can only be killed with a loaded Omega cannon. However, it has an expiration date and is only sufficient for one use. To convert Samus’ arm into an Omega cannon, you first have to kill a mini-boss and suck off his energy. These “central units” are hidden in every EMMI area. To reach them, you have to solve a small environmental puzzle, dissipate heat from rooms or find secret entrances.

The fights with the central units are always the same: Fire at the big eye in the middle until its protective coat falls off and you can kill it. Pay attention to the guns placed in the room during the battle. Then you interact with the destroyed central unit and Samus’ weapon arm temporarily becomes the Omega cannon.

Metroid Dread: Whereto find Omega cannon

How do I kill the EMMIs in Metroid Dread?

The Omega cannon has a rapid-fire mode and a recharge jet. If you have equipped the Omega cannon, you must first destroy the locked gate to the central unit with rapid-fire. Outside you are looking for a sector with a long corridor without obstacles. Stand at the end of it and watch the map. The flashing, rapidly approaching object is the EMMI robot.

Make sure that the EMMI is not coming from the direction you are facing. Otherwise, the fight will be over quickly. As soon as the robot appears at the other end of the corridor, press the L button and aim at the head. Shoot with the Y button in rapid-fire mode until the helmet explodes. The more hits the EMMI takes, the more yellow its head becomes. If he reaches Samus before the head explodes, he kills her.

If the robot comes too close to you, it is better to stop the attack and pick it up again at another point. Once you have blown your helmet, give the EMMI the rest with the charging beam. Press the L and R buttons at the same time, aim again at the head and start the beam with the Y button. If the EMMI is defeated, you lose the Omega cannon and receive a new piece of equipment.

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