Mass media. Prince Andrew may be deprived of the title of duke due to a case of sexual harassment

British Prince Andrew may be deprived of the title of Duke of York if he loses a lawsuit for sexual harassment by the victim of American financier Jeffrey Epstein, writes the Evening Standard.

The duke has sued Virginia Geoffrey for sexually assaulting her three times as a teenager. He categorically denies those accusations.

Last week, Prince Andrew’s close friend Gislen Maxwell, who was also Epstein’s companion, was convicted of sex trafficking and recruiting young girls for an American financier. He faces up to several decades in prison.

According to the Sunday Times, the royal court was debating what to do with Andrew if he lost the case. One way is to ask him to stop using his title, the other is to force him to give up his remaining ties with charities. He will also be asked to cut housing costs and will no longer be able to travel abroad due to the risk of extradition.

Prince Andrew was dealt another legal blow on Saturday after a US court rejected a motion by his lawyers to adjourn his trial pending a hearing on his whereabouts.

Earlier this week, Prince Andrew’s lawyers demanded that the case against the US king be dropped because the victim, Geoffrey, “actually lives in Australia.”