“I կա has an ardent desire to discredit the defense system” ․ David Tonoyan

Taking into account various media, in particular: 168.am, 24news.am, Aravot.am, Armeniasputnik.am, Armdaily.am, Aysor.am, Azatutyun.am, Factor.am, Hetq.am, Mediamax.am, News.am , Pastinfo.am, the questions presented during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, as well as the end of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, the former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia David Tonoyan considered it necessary to refer to some of them.

– Mr. Tonoyan, all the statements of your advocacy group state that your arrest and detention are illegal. In particular, in 2021. The October 11 statement said, “We are dealing with a classic example of satanism.” Who are the devils and what are their motives?

– The devils are those on the basis of the information provided by whom a criminal case has been initiated, charges have been brought, former and current officials have been arrested. The devils are those on the basis of whose reports, as it was mentioned from the NA tribune, “political will has been shown to reveal such cases.” Moreover, after the end of the preliminary investigation, the arguments of the former and current officials, former and current deputies of the National Assembly, who were directly interested in providing and reporting the above-mentioned information against me, were not confirmed. Their names are not worth mentioning, besides, the statements of the mentioned persons were public.

Even if the unfounded criminal case against me was dropped, I would still demand an open trial in order to present the groundless accusations of the preliminary investigation to the public. Even now, after the end of the investigation, if an indictment is drawn up and the case is sent to court with the approval of the prosecutor’s office, I will demand an open, public trial, of course, taking into account the restrictions on state and military secrets.

“After resigning from the post of the RA Minister of Defense, Mr. Tonoyan refrained from commenting, taking into account the state secret, the interests of the RA national security and interstate relations. “Even today, Mr. Tonoyan puts those interests above his own interests and, having a large amount of information, he does not use it for his own protection in the public sphere.” This part of the October 11 statement was much discussed and manipulated. In particular, there were speculations that you were sending a “message” to the authorities. What would you say about that?

– Until now, I have maintained restraint in terms of involvement in political processes and that was the statement of my lawyers. There will still be opportunities to present my explanations to the public about the 44-day war through the commissions of inquiry to be set up, of course, if the objectivity and impartiality of the latter’s work are ensured.

– Your lawyers have expressed confidence that the results of the special professional examination will give substantiated and impartial answers to the allegations of “low-quality” and “non-compliant” weapons for the RA Armed Forces. Do you believe that it will be possible to organize an independent examination and, in your opinion, why the examination appointed by the preliminary investigation body to determine the quality of the missiles was left unfinished?

– I had no reason not to accept or ignore the reports of the subordinate staff, the professional and responsible structures of the General Staff on the suitability of ammunition for use, storage and extension of service. Especially since the extension in the production of ammunition and in many other countries was carried out in accordance with the procedures in force in those countries, and the production missiles of the same dates (1988-1991) are in operation. Even the completed non-objective preliminary investigation did not confirm that the missiles were of poor quality or useless due to the failure to carry out the assigned forensic examination and failure to test the missiles. It was clear that the validity of the missiles would be confirmed if the expertise was carried out.

I am more than sure that even in case of a great desire, it will be simply impossible to oppose the results of an independent professional examination.

By the way, due to the confiscation of the missiles and the delay of the preliminary investigation, as well as the long-term prospects of the trial, the possibility of extending their terms will be hindered, which poses a more real danger to our army than the damage done to the perpetrators.

At the same time, it should be reminded that the accusations contained in the accusation, such as “being informed about the expiration of the missiles due to their position”, “reaching a preliminary agreement with RA Armed Forces officials and other persons”, “significantly more expensive than the market”, “with mercenary motives” “,” Not taking into account the real demand for the purchase of similar missiles in the Ministry of Defense “, etc., have not been confirmed in any way in the criminal case. On the contrary, there is ample evidence to disprove it.

– In your last statement, your lawyers “drew the attention of the political leadership to the non-objective investigation against David Tonoyan, the vivid evidence of which is the subjective and unprofessional comments on the criminal case based solely on assumptions.” During your tenure, did the political leadership, in particular the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, ever point out to you the problems related to “low-quality” weapons and ammunition?

– I do not remember any such observation from the Prime Minister. I think if he had, he would have informed, because there was no lack of information, and since my appointment the whole procurement process of the Ministry of Defense has been under the daily control, inspection and examination of the NSS, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Investigative Committee, the SSS. It has happened many times that several of the above-mentioned departments have investigated the same episode of the purchase. The purchase decision was made to ensure the use of the RA Armed Forces, and the ammunition in question was used during combat training, even during hostilities, and this is an undeniable fact.

The Prime Minister in 2021 In a December 24 interview, he stated that he had a trusted specialist who, if necessary, asked him to study and evaluate the verdicts. Has the case of “supply of useless missiles” been handed over to a trusted specialist of the RA Prime Minister or not?

– You can find opinions in the press that they are trying to make you a “scapegoat” for the defeat in 2020. What would you say about that?

– The visible desire to find a “scapegoat” is, so to speak, soaring in the political field, but I think there will be surprises in this respect. One thing is clear, we are dealing with a fanatical desire to discredit me and the defense system. Proof of this is the fact that, having information that the “useless” missiles were in time, they were used even during the 44-day war and solved a combat problem, however, the body conducting the proceedings issued a statement stating that Missiles that did not meet the technical specifications and the requirements of the RA armament, significantly more expensive than the market value, expired service life were acquired at the expense of the means, which is also evidenced by the fact that some of the missiles were fired and taken off the balance. were not used, including during the 44-day war that began on September 27, 2020. “

Rest assured that such criminal cases would not have been initiated in the event of another war. It fell on the head of the enemy and destroyed him with ammunition of much earlier production.

As I said back in 2020. In my November 20 message, I am ready to take my share of responsibility. But only for what I did and not for what I did not do.