House of Ashes: Location of all 50 Secrets

What exactly happened in the abysses of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes and why the protagonists are attacked by monsters is difficult to understand without finding the secrets. But no worry! We have found all 50 secrets for you and also tell you where to look for them.

In The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, there are a whole lot of collectibles that you can find. In addition to the premonitions, you have the opportunity to discover 50 secrets that will help you shed light on the darkness of the story around the deep abyss of the show location.

The secrets consist of many archeologists’ finds, confessions from the past, investigations of the monsters and diaries. The latter consists of ten parts and was written by one of the researchers from the 1940s and gives you a deep insight into the expedition, which came to a tragic end.

House of Ashes: find all 50 Secrets

Typically for The Dark Pictures Anthology, you shouldn’t just pick up a found item and put it down again straight away. Most of the secrets are hidden on the back or in small details of the objects.

Especially the diary pages, which you can recognize by their yellow pages, have to be turned over once. As long as you have not received the note that you have found a secret, it will not be registered.

We often had problems with the diary pages. The short cutscene was often not triggered the first time it was picked up and turned around. Simply put the page aside and keep it again.

House of Ashes: Locations of all 50 secrets

All objects that you can look at are marked with a white radiant point in House of Ashes. If you are in the vicinity of one of these objects, it will shine. So it is not too difficult to find the collectibles even in the dark.

There are two trophies for finding all the secrets:

  • Randolph Hogdson’s statement : Find all parts of the diary
  • Exploring the Past : All Secrets Found

In the following we have compiled all the secrets for you in their chronological order :

The list is not yet complete. We’ll update these as soon as we’ve discovered the missing secrets.

Briefing to banditsYou can find the document on a table in the headquarters. You have to move the cup away from the paper before you can discover the secret.
Pagan imageWhile Rachel interrogates the shepherds in the first room, you have the opportunity to look at an object hanging on the wall with Jason. Select the “Curious” option here. Jason then examines the object and discovers the first secret.
Gas maskGoes with Jason into the next room in the shepherds’ house, which is empty. In the far right corner you will find a basket with gas masks that you can interact with.
Perforated skullIn the cave with the big stone hand you can find the secret as Nick directly under the hand on the right side. In the same area you can still find the premonition “Narrow”.
PazuzuAfter Eric and Rachel have struggled along a doorway, you come to a lightly lit area. On the left you will find a statue of Pazuzu lying on the ground.
dynamiteAfter Rachel and Eric arrive at the heart of the temple and have found the generator, you can look around as Rachel. Go to the machine gun and turn to the area with the sand. Look at the detonator here and pan your camera left to the hammer to find the secret.
Aline’s letterGo to the archaeologists’ tents in the same area and walk to the table next to the recorder. Here you can find Aline’s letter after moving the cup.
Cuneiform tabletYou will also find a cuneiform tablet in the same area. It is located on a box to the right of the poured-in wooden door that the machine gun is aiming at. To discover the secret, you have to turn the board over.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 1This secret is also in the same area. A little way in front of the stairs on the right side there is a table on which you will find the first page from Randolph’s diary.
Members of the expeditionThere is a photo on the table in the tent opposite. Turn it over to discover the secret.
Characteristics of the creatureGo up the right stairs and follow the hallway on the right until you come to a room. You will find the note on the table by the entrance.
Reference bookHave Nick and Jason track down the intruder. After a short sequence between the two you will find yourself in a corridor. Take the first path to the right into a lighted room, which has a large hole in the back wall. A reference book is on the table. Open it and turn to the second page to find the secret.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 2If you have successfully hopped the trip wire with Nick and Jason, you will find the next part of the diary lying on the floor in the same room.
Star mapIn the same room on the left, the star map is on a table. Turn them over to discover the secret.
Stone with holeSalim flees from American soldiers and slides further down and loses his helmet in the process. Follow the passage straight up until you find the stone on the left. Here, too, turn the object over once.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 3Eric, Nick and Jason come across a large stain of blood in the sand caves. After a short sequence you will find equipment from the archaeologists lying on the ground in front of you. Including the third part of Randolph’s diary. Turn this one over, too, to discover the secret.
Impaled womanHave you reached the sacrificial chamber with Jason and Nick, you will find the skeleton of the impaled woman on the left.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 4Not far from the impaled woman is another page of the diary. Turn this one over too.
Bloodless corpseYou can also find another corpse from the research team in the sacrificial chamber. Examine them from top to bottom to discover the secret.
Cylinder sealRun out of the sacrificial chamber into the lighted passage. On the left is a box with the cylinder seal. Move it a little in your hand to register it as a secret.
Plastic ID cardBack with Rachel, you find yourself in a river of blood. Directly on the left in front of you you will find the ID, which you have to turn around once.
Antique helmetRun to the right side with Rachel and go forward. Here you will find an antique helmet, which shows scratches when you turn it.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 5Follow the river to a place where you can find a small basket. Next to it is the next part of the diary.
Scientific noteAfter Rachel has built herself a torch and climbed through the obstacle, all you have to do is follow the path to find the secret.
Slaughter tableNick is supposed to patrol the area in front of the abyss. Go left to one of the boxes. Here you can find the slaughter table.
Infection symptomsOn the table diagonally behind the slaughter table, you will find the note under a cup.
Consideration about vampiresFrom the table with the symptoms of infection, continue to the left to another box. The note is on top.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 6Before you go to the plateau on which you will find the radio, keep to the left of it. Here is a table with the sixth page of the diary.
Expedition cardNow go up the plateau but don’t look at the radio yet. Run to the table behind it and remove the mug from the map to find it.
Ritual tableAfter Jason and Salim have both made it through the stone gate, follow the path to the room with the lamps. Go to the altar table at the beginning of the room and pick up the ritual table. Turn this one over too.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 7Continue to the right of the ritual tablet and look at the floor to find another page from the diary.
Notes on autopsyGo with Salim and Jason through the bars into the room, which Salim could already see through a hole. On the table behind you you will find the photo that you have to turn over.
Black onyxTo the right of the lattice door that you use to advance through the story is a small room with a cardboard box. In this you will find the black onyx.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 8Go to one of the open cells in the same area to find another journal entry.
Notes on parasiteYou can find the note under a cup on the table in the middle of the room.
Folder with findsSalim and Jason took the elevator even further down. When you arrive at the bottom you will find a folder with finds by Van Huyten right next to the elevator.
cocoonWalk a little forward from the elevator until you can see a cocoon on the right-hand side. Especially check out the upper part of this to discover the secret.
pocket watchKeep following the path. On the right side you should find a seated corpse with papers lying on the floor next to it. In between you will find a pocket watch, which you can open.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 9Keep running from the pocket watch. Next to one of the cocoons on the left is the ninth part of Randolph’s diary.
Petrified life formsAfter you have found the still “living” corpse with Salim and Jason, you will find yourself a short time later in an area with many cocoons. To enter this, you jump down one level. From there, go straight to the right to discover the bones of the life forms.
Mary’s NotesIn the star chamber all living protagonists are now reunited and you have the opportunity to look around with Rachel. The first secret can be found on the right-hand side on a table next to Nick.
Randolph’s Diary – Part 10Go to the construct in the middle of the room. Behind this is another table that has a part of the diary ready for you.
Van Huyten’s confessionOpposite the construct on the side with the green growth there is a box on which the secret lies. Turn this one over.
Life cycle of creaturesIn the middle of the chamber, next to the water, there is a board on which the secret hangs.
Alien parasiteAfter Rachel chases and kills the parasite that plagued her, you can pick it up and turn it around.

To really find all the secrets, it is important that you manage to keep all the protagonists alive. For example, if Rachel dies falling into the abyss, she misses out on some secrets.

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