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The threshold between life and death is a small one in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. You alone decide whether all characters survive or what fate overtakes them. For those of you who want to plan with a happy ending, we have compiled the most important decisions for you that will lead to the best ending.

Decisions, decisions. There’s plenty of that in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes . The life of the five protagonists is in your hands and your ability to push the right buttons.

Spoiler warning:
massive spoilers will follow! In the following, you will find the most important decisions in their chronological order.

Best ending: cultivate relationships and friendships

In House of Ashes, you will often make big decisions that have either a heart or a brain symbol. No matter how you want to decide here, you will either feel the consequences immediately or a short time later. But that’s not the only way you change the gameplay.

Four of our protagonists are American soldiers, some of them are Marines, others are from the Air Force. There are many stories and close, but also tense bonds between them. In addition, there is the Iraqi soldier Salim, who can ally himself with the rest of the troops during the game.

Every conversation in which you can choose to give one of two answers or not to say anything has an impact on the relationship between the characters and the characteristics of the protagonist currently being played. You can see the properties in the menu.

Your conversations can also influence future events.
Your conversations can also influence future events.

In the course of the story, the development of the characters can become noticeable. For example, whether one is warning the other of a danger or even ignoring someone else’s radio message. In a situation like this, cohesion is important.

So that the troops don’t sabotage each other, you should let your characters be honest with each other. Avoid Eric’s advances to save the marriage between him and Rachel, leave no one behind, be compassionate, honest and work with Salim.

House of Ashes: Reach the best ending and let all characters survive

There are a total of eight-course directions that you will follow. In order for all characters to survive the night, you have to pay attention to the relationship between and make the right decisions as described above. Of course, you also have to successfully complete the fights, so pay close attention to the buttons displayed.

Depending on which way you go, the respective course direction will be longer or shorter.
Depending on which way you go, the respective course direction will be longer or shorter.

In the following we have compiled all the important decisions chronologically for you:

• Let Balathu and Kurum fight together.
• Balathu flees
The ancient oneIf Balathu and Kurum fight together against the monster, Balathu dies last and haunts you later than the ancient one. This is inevitable, but it will bring you a trophy.
• Eric decides not to use air support.
• Eric requests air support
Air supportIf Eric decides against the air support, you have to sit out an eclipse at the end and fight the monsters. If you have requested air support, you will be rescued faster. If you want to avoid a fight, you should request air support.
• Jason spares the shepherd
• Jason kill the fleeing shepherd
Semper fiChoose not to kill the Shepherd. This increases your relationship with Salim.
Silence MerwinNick and Jason find the injured Merwin, who attracts the monsters with his screams. Hold his mouth shut as Nick until Jason says, “Let go, man! You’re going to kill him!” otherwise Merwin will suffocate.
Escape with MerwinIf you are given the option to bypass an area or walk straight through it, choose to bypass it and don’t leave Merwin behind.
Rachel tells Eric that their marriage is overUntil deathThis is a decision that runs through the entire game. Stay loyal to Nick and avoid Eric’s advances. Still, don’t be too rude with him to maintain a good relationship.
Rachel tells Eric that she has someone elseUntil deathAs described in the previous point: Be honest with Eric and stay loyal to Nick.
• Eric tries to hold Rachel on the rope.
• Eric cuts the rope to save himself
Until deathCut the rope to save Eric and Rachel. Rachel survives the fall and does not drag Eric to certain death. If you do not cut the rope, both die and you get the trophy two in one fell swoop .
As Salim, picks up the walletAfter the truck falls on the monster, Salim can find a wallet on the ground. Pick them up to make Salim more compassionate.
• Joey’s first aid kit was found
• Joey’s first aid kit was not found
bloodAfter Nick, Eric and Jason have found Joey’s helmet, you walk down the corridor until you end up in a cave in which you can find a premonition. Then do not go to the right into the next illuminated cave, but into the left, dark passage. Here you can find Joey’s first aid kit. If you take him with you, the end will be easier for you, as Nick can be treated. If you do not find the first aid kit, you will have difficulty attaching the bombs in the last chapter, which can lead to Nick’s death.
Pull the stake out of the corpseJason and Nick are in the sacrificial chamber, where they find a impaled woman, who is one of the 50 secrets, by the way. Examine them and remove the stake. With this, Jason can defend himself against the infected Joey.
• Rachel was honest with Clarice when she got sick
• Rachel tells Clarice that everything will be fine
Doctor StokesFor now, reassure Clarice, but don’t hide the truth and be honest with her.
• Leave Clarice.
• Help Clarice
Doctor StokesLeave Clarice to ensure the survival of the others. If you help Clarice, she will later transform and kill Eric.
• Escapes from the temple as Rachel
• Supports Jason with the machine gun
Choose to support Jason in attacking the monsters in the temple with the machine gun. For this you will receive the Chekhov’s Rifle Trophy
• Salim turns himself in.
• Salim is hiding
Semper fiSalim surrenders to Jason and talks to him soothingly and enthusiastically. As a result, the two become friends with each other, which has an impact on what is to come.
• Salim shoots the monster attacking Rachel.
• Salim shoots the monster that is flying towards him
Shoot the monster that is flying towards Salim from above. That way he won’t get hurt.
• Eric helps Nick
• Eric runs away
Nick is chased by the ancient one and cannot get away without help. Make up your mind to help him out so that Nick survives.
• Rachel tells Eric about Nick.
• Rachel doesn’t tell Eric about Nick
Until deathEven if Eric already suspected it, Rachel now has to tell him about Nick. As Eric, choose not to say anything twice. Rachel and Eric end their marriage and increase their friendship.
Salim and Jason strengthen their friendshipAfter they both discovered the new area (after taking the elevator), Salim tells about his family. Jason should tell about the checkpoint here, albeit reluctantly.
Even a marine should be able to show weaknesses.
Even a marine should be able to show weaknesses.
Goes undetectedIn the area with the many cocoons with Jason, do not step on the roots lying on the ground. These make a noise and attract the monsters to you.
• Rachel orders Jason to shoot her.
• Rachel begs Jason not to shoot
InfectedIn order for her to survive, Rachel should beg Jason not to shoot her. As a result, the troops look for another way to save them and Eric uses the UV lamp to remove the parasite.
• Nick only installs the first bombs.
• Nick installs more bombs
Semper fiMake up your mind to place the rest of the bombs. If you haven’t found the first-aid kit, you have to go through a heart rate sequence here so as not to let Nick die. After the explosion, Salim saves Nick from the ancient one, provided you have a good friendship with him and he is compassionate.
• Jason goes back to save Salim
• Jason stays with the others
Semper fiGoes back with Jason and saves Salim, who then saves Jason and fulfills the premonition “comrades”.

Combined with the relationships and traits, successfully ending battles and making the choices above, all five characters should survive and get the best ending. By doing this, you will unlock these trophies, among others:

  • Golden way : all characters survive
  • All’s well that ends well : Salim returns to his son
  • No time to bleed : All characters emerge from the vaults with no lasting injuries (provided you have found Joey’s first aid kit)
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