Hearthstone: How does the Mercenary Mode work

With the mercenary mode in Hearthstone, you let your favorite Warcraft characters compete against each other like in a roguelike. We explain to you how exactly this variant plays.

In Hearthstone: Mercenaries you collect iconic heroes from the Warcraft universe to send them on procedurally generated bounties.

In this guide we explain:

  • What the mercenary village is
  • How you fight fights and get bounties
  • How you recruit and level up mercenaries

Hearthstone: Everything starts in the mercenary village

Your mercenary village is your first port of call when starting the mode. Here you recruit new mercenaries, select current jobs and then embark on your adventure journey. You can also compete against other players from the mercenary village. However, you first have to unlock the buildings and expand your village further.

You will get some buildings in the course of the tutorial, while others have to be bought with earned coins. In addition, some buildings can be expanded with coins. This enables you to activate further features or increase their efficiency.

Hearthstone: How does the Mercenary Mode work

Here is a detailed list of the buildings:

The Workshop: The Workshop is your first building in Mercenary Mode. From here you can expand and upgrade the other locations.

The inn: This is the relaxation room for your mercenaries. Here you manage your troops, recruit new warriors or improve their skills and equipment. You can also make the cosmetic changes you have earned here.

The travel point: From here you get access to the PvE missions. You choose a zone and then the corresponding bounty. After finishing a hunt you will unlock new targets. By upgrading the location, you also unlock the heroic level of difficulty.

The battle pit: Here you compete with your troops against other players. Depending on the level of your fighters, the automatic matchmaking system promises equally strong opponents. Successes, rewards and advancement in the rankings await you for games you have won.

The Merchant Car: This place leads you directly to the Hearthstone Shop, where you can buy mercenary packages and boosters for coins and real money. Each booster contains five items, consisting of new mercenary cards, mercenary coins or mercenary skins.

The mailbox: Here you get the latest announcements about the mercenary mode.

The campfire: Here your mercenaries not only tell each other about their glorious adventures but also look at the task board. Because for you it is something like a quest log. Every day the mercenaries bring you new tasks with which you can unlock various rewards. So you should visit the task board every day.

How does Mercenary Mode work in heartstone

Hearthstone: Bounty hunts in mercenary mode

In addition to PvP battles, most of the mercenary mode consists of bounty hunter missions. These take place in dungeon runs: You create a troop of six mercenaries and send them on a journey. You then use a map to decide which path your fighters should take.

Depending on where you are going, different dangers lurk along the way or various bonuses await you. On the one hand, these can be particularly strong opponents, on the other hand, additional skills for your mercenaries, special combat effects or the resurrection of fallen heroes.

Hearthstone: Bounty hunts in mercenary mode

Because if one of your mercenaries blesses the time during a dungeon run, he is taken out of the game for this mission until it is fulfilled (or completely failed).

So that your chances are not bad, the mercenaries are completely healed at the end of a fight. In addition, level increases take place immediately after a victory.

At the end of the job, the bounty target in the form of a strong boss is waiting for you. If you defeat him, you can loot the treasure chest and get valuable mercenary coins.

Hearthstone: How to fight in mercenary mode

Once you have chosen your opponent, the preparation for the fight beginsYour hunting party consists of six mercenaries. You place three of them on the battlefield, the rest go to the reserve bench.

When placing your mercenaries, their roles now play an important and decisive point. Because according to the “rock-scissors-paper” principle, the characters cut or suffer critical damage.https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/xmj4Io6XZvo?rel=0

There are the following roles:

  • Fighters have a green frame and use very aggressive attacks for massive damage.
  • Protectors , on the other hand, have a lot of life and use special skills such as mockery or God’s shield to try to attract attacks from their opponents. You can recognize them by the red frame.
  • Spellcasters with their blue frames mainly cast powerful spells with special effects. This can be increased damage, the weakening of the enemy’s strength or the freezing of enemies. But they have little defense and are often an easy target.

Depending on the role, a character can inflict double damage to another characterIn other words, a fighter is particularly effective against spellcasters, this one against protectors and the protectors against fighters.

Hearthstone: How to fight in mercenary mode

Once you have placed your three mercenaries, the fight begins. Similar to the battlefield mode, this takes place automatically. You only decide who is to be attacked and with what or which spells are cast.

If you select one of your mercenaries, his action menu opens. There you can see the existing skills. The number you find on them gives you an idea of ​​when your hero will make his move. The higher this is, the more likely it is that it will strike last.

This is important because after you have selected all skills and goals, you can see his turn number on your hero. Accordingly, the one makes its move first.

If two or more characters have the same turn number, chance decides who gets his turn and when. Keep this in mind, because weakened characters could bless the temporal before they get their turn.

If, on the other hand, an attack target is killed before the effect of an ability, a random new target is chosen by the corresponding mercenary.

The values ​​below the character picture reveal whether and how much damage the heroes deal and takeClassic Hearthstone players already know this. On the left is the attack power, on the right is the life total. If the latter drops to zero, the mercenary is removed from the game and a new fighter can be substituted onto the battlefield from the reserve bank.

For example, if a protector with three strengths attacks another protector with five strengths, the enemy receives three damage and your own mercenary five. If, on the other hand, the protector targets a fighter, he inflicts a critical hit on him, i.e. six points of damage.

In the case of special abilities or spells, the explanatory text reveals how much damage is caused. It always shows you the normal damage without a critical hit.

You can also find the number of healing spells there. However, there is no critical success here.

Hearthstone: How to recruit and improve the mercenaries

If you have fought your first battle, your troop will automatically improve. In doing so, they can level up and thus unlock the opportunity for new skills. They also get more attack and defense points.

At the end of your bounty hunt, you can upgrade your troop in the inn. With earned mercenary coins, new warriors can be recruited and new skills can be unlocked for your homegroup.

The price for the heroes as well as for skills varies. You can recruit simple mercenaries for just a few coins, while the legendary characters, in particular, have their services paid for accordingly.

Hearthstone: How to recruit and improve the mercenaries

The costs for new skills are also cheaper or more expensive to get depending on the level. While the second of three action points can be unlocked fairly quickly, the last skill will cost you a lot of mercenary coins.

Once you’ve unlocked them, you can make equipment for your mercenaries. These also want to be paid for with mercenary coins. In return, the characters receive passive bonuses for the fight.

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