God of War: Playtime – How long the Kratos’ adventure is

How long does it actually take to play through God of War? A look at the playing time provides the answer. Small spoiler: the action-adventure won’t let you go that fast.

Anyone who dares to play God of War will be rewarded with a whole chunk of game time. You can move through the open-world with Kratos and Atreus for numerous hours and go on a foray. In this guide you will learn:

  • How much playing time the action adventure has
  • How long you need to simply play through the story
  • How many hours do you need if you want to complete all side quests and achievements

Main story playing time

If you just follow the main story, you can spend around 21 hours with Kratos, according to HowLongToBeat. This is the average value reached by 1,200 players. Those in a hurry completed the action-adventure in a little over 15 hours, the connoisseurs needed just under 28.5 hours.

This does not include side quests or collecting collectibles that you need for the platinum trophy. The playing time only describes the main quest.

God of War: how long the game is

God of War: How much game time you spend including side quests

If you invest a little more time and complete the side quests, there will be another twelve hours waiting for you, which will increase your total playing time to 33 hours. If you take it easy and really explore every corner and take the side quests with you, you can stretch God of War for almost 57 hours.https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/HqQMh_tij0c?rel=0

God of War: That’s how long you need for platinum

Do you want to know and are you keen on platinum? Then hopefully you have brought a lot of time with you. On average, you should expect around 52.5 hours if you want to collect all collectibles and achievements for platinum and complete the game with 100 percent. God of War is even available as a classic board game!

Speedrun in under 10 hours

HowLongToBeat shows two different speed run times. A gamer only needed nine hours to play through the main story. A little reminder: The average is 21 hours.

The fastest time to reach 100 percent is an impressive 15.5 hours. For comparison: the average is almost 52.5 hours.

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