GeForce NOW: Priority Subscription Explained

GeForce NOW has been enjoying increasing popularity for years. Nvidia took the rapid progress in 2021 as an opportunity to revise the subscription models. This applies equally to name, price and performance.

GeForce NOW: Priority subscription replaces Founders subscription

Up until the introduction of RTX 3080, GeForce NOW had two subscription models, one of which was free and the other paid. The latter is no longer called Founders, but rather Priority, as we have already mentioned.

  • Instead of 5.49 euros (Founders subscription), 9.99 euros are now due per month.
  • A subscription for six months costs 49.99 euros, which corresponds to 8.33 euros per month.
  • In return, players can access premium hardware. This means a resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS and ray tracing.
  • You also have priority access to the servers. The maximum session duration is six hours.

Another advantage is that priority customers can pre-order the new RTX 3080 subscription. With this, 4K resolution is possible and the session duration is extended to eight hours; however, the subscription is around twice as expensive.

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