Football Manager 2022: Vacation Function Explained

The games in the Football Manager series are known to be very time-consuming. There are many hours per season run, as there is a lot of information and tasks between the games. The vacation function is therefore all the more practical.

Football Manager 2022: Vacation for faster game play

The opportunity to go on vacation didn’t just exist since Football Manager 2022. In the previous parts it was a practical feature for certain situations:

  • As soon as you go on vacation, the game simply simulates all days until the end of the vacation without you having to or being able to intervene.
  • You will be informed about all events afterwards by inbox.
  • It also means that important decisions may not be made. An example of this are transfer requests: You can generally accept or reject these by default, but an automatic interruption of the vacation is not possible.
  • You decide how long the vacation lasts. Many players do not use the function during the season, but at the end of the season to quickly bridge the last uneventful weeks.
  • If you take a longer vacation during the season, all games will be managed by your staff. You therefore have no influence on tactics, line-up and Co.

Vacation is useful for speeding up Football Manager game play. This is suitable for players who don’t have a lot of time, or for experimental purposes. You can find the vacation function under “Home” by selecting the “Go on vacation” option under “My profile”. In this turn you can determine the duration of the vacation.

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