Football Manager 2022: Trequartista explained

In attacking midfield, you have very different roles available, including some very special ones. This undoubtedly includes the Trequartista, who has a very interesting profile.

Football Manager 2022: This is the Trequartista

There is the Trequartista both in the central attacking midfield and on the wings. Its properties are:

  • The Trequartista is a playmaker role. On the offensive, it works in a similar way to the preferred playmaker, in that it moves between the defensive and midfield lines of the opponent.
  • Its specialty, however, is that it works much less backwards. When the opponent has possession of the ball, he hardly helps out defensively, but is already looking for a suitable position for the next attack of his own.
  • This makes the Trequartista ideal for counterattacks, for example. The constant danger that he radiates in the opposing half means, conversely, that his own team must be all the more stable at the back.
  • The Trequartista needs strong technical attributes, especially in the ball receiving and processing quality is required. Mentally, he has to have an excellent overview and make smart decisions, have flair and move well without the ball. With a quick start, he can quickly occupy open spaces and thus put pressure on the opponent.

The fact that the Trequartista is only available with “attack” underlines its enormously offensive character. His involvement in Football Manager 2022 can therefore be very worthwhile, but it absolutely needs suitable coordination with the rest of the team, as they have to compensate for his defensive failure.

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