Football Manager 2022: How to give Nicknames

The ability to nickname a player is one of the features that even many veteran FM players are unfamiliar with. That’s why our guide explains how easy it is.

Football Manager 2022: How to give Nicknames

Assigning nicknames is also very easy in Football Manager 2022 :

  1. Right click on the name of the player you want. This can be done anywhere, for example in the listing under “Team” or in the “Tactics” screen.
  2. Select Miscellaneous in the dialog box.
  3. There you can click the option “Give a nickname”.
  4. A small window will open in which you can enter the nickname.
  5. End the process with “Ok”.

In the same way, you can change or remove the nickname at any time. The nickname option is suitable for various purposes, be it for fun or, for example, in teams in which several players have the same surname, such as Müller in Germany, Hernández in Mexico or Kim in South Korea.

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