Football Manager 2022: Half-space Defender explained

In Football Manager, roles are a science in themselves and the possibilities are endless. With Football Manager 2022, the selection has been expanded. We introduce the half-space defender.

Football Manager 2022: What is Half-space defender

Central defenders and full or wing defenders usually represent the back four. However, this is not the only legitimate formation for the defense – after all (as in real football) lineups with only three defenders are quite common.

  • Especially for this purpose, the half-space defender (English: Wide Center Back) was introduced as a new role in Football Manager 2022 .
  • According to the description, he takes on the duties of both an inside and a full-back. That means: Defending the center is still his primary task, but he may move further outward to secure the wing.
  • To what extent and with what focus this happens depends, as always, on the tactical specifications for the team and players.
  • His traditional position on the field is still the central defense, but usually two half-space defenders are used, namely to the left and right of a central central defender.

In popular formations like the 3-5-2 or the 3-4-3 there is now finally a really well-suited option for defense, which makes so-called “3 at the back” lineups all the more popular.

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