Football Manager 2022: Ball-winning Midfielder Explained

The range of roles in midfield is huge and this is exactly what you can use to your own advantage in Football Manager 2022. A ball-capturing midfielder is an important option.

Football Manager 2022: What is Ball-winning Midfielder

The first peculiarity of the ball-winning midfielder (BeM) is evident in the choice of position: The role is available in both defensive and central midfield. The positioning of the player in the basic formation changes accordingly.

  • It is also in Football Manager 2022 is a specialist role with a clear task: The BeM always tried to recapture the ball. He can move around quite freely.
  • This freedom is important for the overall tactics of your team, as it also means that the BeM is not always in place for protection.
  • The chance of winning the ball is therefore offset by the risk of revealing a gap in midfield. These factors must be weighed up before using the BeM.
  • In addition, the BeM can be equipped with either “defend” or “support”. This, too, affects his alignment and behavior.
  • The qualities that the player should have for this role relate to physical attributes such as endurance, strength and speed as well as a high degree of enthusiasm as well as anticipation and positional play. In the technical field, cover and tackling are important attributes.

The ball-capturing midfielder is traditionally a popular role that can be used profitably in common formations such as 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. However, the demands on the player are quite high, which in turn means that capable BeM specialists bring even more added value – provided the entire tactical structure fits.

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