FIFA 22: Token prices for the FGS exchange

The FGS swap allows FIFA players to benefit from the duels of the eSports specialists. The exchange rate for FGS tokens and in-game packs is important. We have the overview.

FIFA 22: How to Exchange FGS Tokens for Packs

You can earn tokens by watching certain FIFA Global Series Twitch streams. These are playing cards that only exist for the FGS exchange in FIFA 22. You use the tokens in the SBC area of ​​FUT, as special FGS SBCs have been set up for this purpose in the “Exchange” tab. There are four of them because the quality of your reward pack depends on the number of tokens used:

  • For 1 FGS token you get a Premium Gold Pack.
  • A premium gold player pack is available for 2 FGS tokens.
  • Get a Prime Gold Player Pack with 3 FGS tokens.
  • For 4 FGS tokens you get a Jumbo Rare Player Pack.

Due to the many ways to get tokens via qualified Twitch streams, it is advisable to save on four tokens again and again in order to exchange them for the best pack.

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