FIFA 22: How to participate in FGS swap

The FIFA Global Series is a high-class competition for eSports professionals and the absolute top players in Division Rivals. Thanks to the tokens, however, all players can benefit from the event.

FIFA 22: This is the FGS swap

The FGS swap is based on the global streaming trend, which is no exception with FIFA 22.

  • By watching certain Global Series streams for a period of time, you will receive tokens.
  • You can exchange these in-game for high-quality packs – this way you have a chance to find fresh, good players without even having to play yourself.
  • You can watch the streams – as usual – on Twitch, with the participating partners on the official channel .
  • The FGS exchange is thus similar to the well-known system of Twitch Drops.
  • One difference, however, is that you have to exchange the tokens via SBC in Ultimate Team (in the “Exchange” tab) and the reward depends on the number of tokens. On this point, conventional Twitch Drops are kept simpler.
  • You can receive a maximum of one token per weekend.

The Global Series has already started, on October 21 there was already a challenge through which viewers could receive tokens. The only requirement is that your EA account is linked to your Twitch account.

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