FIFA 22: How to connect your Account with Twitch

The connection between Twitch streams and in-game rewards for viewers is now well known. You can also benefit from FIFA 22, but for this, you must first connect your Twitch and EA accounts.

FIFA 22: How to Link Your EA and Twitch Accounts

You connect the two accounts with the following steps:

  1. Go to the page specially created by EA for the link .
  2. Your Twitch account should now be displayed directly if you have already used Twitch in the same browser. Click on “Authorize” below.
  3. Enter the login details of your EA account and confirm with “Next”.
  4. You will now receive a security code (for example via SMS) that you have to enter. Then click on “Register”.
  5. In the last step, confirm the link by clicking “Yes, link them”.

You will then receive a message that your Twitch and EA accounts are linked. You can then use the shortcut to receive digital rewards for FIFA 22 by watching Twitch streams.

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