Far Cry 6: How to Steal & Save tanks

In our tank guide to Far Cry 6 you will learn:

  • Where you can steal a tank on the launch island
  • How and where you save the tank

With a tank, you can not only make the first hours of the game in Far Cry 6 easier. We’ll tell you where you can find a tank shortly after starting the game.

Where can I steal a tank in Far Cry 6?

You can steal a tank on the starting island “Isla Santuario”. First complete the main mission “Fuel of the Revolution”, during which you capture the Cabeza fuel depot in the southeast of the island. This unlocks a vehicle handover point where you can save the tank later.

You can find a tank in the northwest of the island at the FND tank depot, which is located west of the village of Armonía. It is best to first silently switch off the enemies in the camp so that they do not get into the tank and attack you with it. Have you done all opponents, climb on the tank? If you look at the hatch, you should see the entry button. Hold it down to get in and steal the tank.

Far Cry 6: location to Steal tanks

If there is no tank at the FND tank depot, use the fast trip to Clara’s camp and drive back to the depot. The unfortunate tank spawns not always, we had to even use the quick trip to make spawn him.

How and where can I save the tank in Far Cry 6?

If you have hijacked the tank, all you have to do is bring it to the vehicle handover station in the Cabeza fuel depot in the southeast of the island. Simply place the vehicle in the blue marking and the tank will be saved. From now on you can call a tank at every vehicle handover station.

Far Cry 6: how to save stolen tanks

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