Far Cry 6: Where to find Uranium on the island

To buy new Supremos and improv weapons in Far Cry 6, you need depleted uranium. We’ll tell you where you can find the valuable resource.

In our guide to Uranium in Far Cry 6 you will learn:

  • What you can do with depleted uranium
  • Where to find uranium in the open world

Far Cry 6: What can I do with depleted uranium?

Depleted uranium is a very rare and valuable resource in Far Cry 6. You need it to buy new Supremos and improv weapons from Juan. Juan’s gun shop can be found on the small island in front of Yara, the Libertad headquarters.

Far Cry 6: What can I do with depleted uranium?

Where can I find depleted uranium in Far Cry 6?

If you want to get uranium quickly, you have to look out for the anti-aircraft systems in Yara. If you fly over Yara in an airplane or helicopter, you will likely get warnings over and over again that you have entered restricted airspace – then you know that you are near an anti-aircraft system. Then turn around by plane and go to the facility on foot, otherwise, you will be shot down.

depleted uranium locations in Far Cry 6?

The anti-aircraft systems are not only teeming with enemies, each system also has a box of uranium. Keep your eyes peeled for a gray and white box with yellow atomic symbols on it.

So far we have always received 50 depleted uranium from each of the boxes. The Supremos and Impro weapons cost 100 uranium each in Juan’s gun shop. So if you are busy blowing up anti-aircraft systems, you can quickly get new equipment from Juan.

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