Far Cry 6: From hand to hand – SPAS 12 location

In the treasure hunt “From hand to hand” in Far Cry 6 you have to open a locked door to a warehouse and have to find three switches. As a reward, you will receive the SPAS-12 shotgun and a special bracelet at the end. In our walkthrough including video we show you the solution to the treasure hunt.

Solution for “From hand to hand”

You can start the treasure hunt “From hand to hand” in the small town of Felicidad northeast of the La Promesa summit in Sierra Perdida (El Este). Read the note by the power pole here to start the treasure hunt.

Find all 3 switches and open the locked door to the warehouse

In this treasure hunt it is your task to open the locked door to the red house. For this you have to find three switches nearby. The lines at the power pole lead to the shelter behind you. There is a main switch and three lights. Now follow the power lines to the other houses to find the switches.

At the first house you have to shoot the wooden wall on the south side and so you can climb into the house to the switch from below through a hole in the floor.

Solution for "From hand to hand"

At the house with the turquoise facade you have to climb around the outside over one of the canopies through the window and thus reach the second switch.

The third switch is in the small shed to the right of the pink house. Smash the wooden door and you can easily reach it.

Far Cry 6: From hand to hand - SPAS 12 location

Now all three lights at the main switch light up green and you can press it to unlock the door to the warehouse. Inside, open the treasure chest in front of the bed to end the treasure hunt.

In addition to Supremo glue and the “15 wishes” bracelet (gives you pesos for takedowns) you will receive the SPAS-12 shotgun as a reward, which you can equip with numerous mods.

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