Far Cry 6: Outrageous Theft – Unlock Freddy Jr. Bandidos

You played through the story of Far Cry 6 and you are bored? In Far Cry 6 there are over 20 hidden Yaranic stories, some of which give you new Bandidos Commandante, weapons and other rewards. In this guide we want to help you with the following story:

Outrageous theft
Location : Segunda, baseball field
Reward : Baseball bat talisman, Freddy Jr. Comandante, Fuerza Beisbol headgear

Find the jersey, glove and depth protection

This mission will not be shown on the map, and there are no automatic hints about it. The only clue you can find about this Yaranic story is: Go to one of your guerrilla camps, look for the Bandido Board there (Bandido missions). If you have the menu open, you can see the point Comandantes reputation on the left.

Now you see a list with all your comandantes, which you have not yet found, give you a hint when you move the cursor over them.

Travel to Segunda, there is a baseball field on the eastern edge of town. As soon as you get close to this, Freddy Jr. will have an icon over his head. Talk to him to start this story. If you have already finished the game once, this mission should finish fairly quickly.

You now have to travel to two places, to the Espinosa University in the north of the map. There you will find the deep protection. The next target is the FND special forces base , in the northeast of the map. You can find the jersey there. If you haven’t hit these Military Targets yet, this is a good time to do so.

With the found objects in your pocket, you travel to Feroza, there you have to place the objects and the story is over. You will receive Freddy Jr. as the new Bandidos Comandante, the Fuerza Beisbol helmet and the baseball bat talisman.

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