DOOM Eternal: Horde Guide – How to get the High Score

DOOM Eternal has been given a tough horde mode. We’ll show you how to get the highest possible high score!

In our DOOM Eternal Horde Guide you will learn:

  • How a typical Horde mode pass works
  • Why you should complete optional challenges and rounds
  • How to collect as many points as possible in a fight

After a long wait, the Horde mode for DOOM Eternal has finally appeared – and it’s completely free. With our guide, you are guaranteed to become the ultimate doomslayer.

What is a typical Horde run-through in DOOM Eternal?

In a Horde run-through you fight your way through a total of three levels, in each of which you can expect three arena battles. In each arena battle, you face at least two waves of demons . Loot demons appear during an arena battle, and a bonus wave with particularly powerful demons is activated for killing them within the time limit. In the last arena of a level you can even activate two bonus waves.

At the start of each run, you are only equipped with a fully upgraded shotgun with both extensions. Your slayer and his skills are completely leveled up. You can get new weapons by completing an arena battle – but the weapons you get are random . In some runs you will get the super shotgun after the first arena, in others you might just get the assault rifle.

After the first arena there is always a lightning round – there you have to kill a certain amount of demons within a time limit. You will be given tools such as quad damage or activatable environmental traps. You always get points for killing the demons, but the value of the demons decreases as time goes on. First the demons start in the gold level, then they switch to silver and finally bronze.

If you have killed the required number of demons, you get three extra lives and also unlock a coin round . In the coin round you collect golden coins which, like the demons in the lightning round, lose their value. So that this doesn’t get too easy, a cursed Prowler appears to slow you down. If you have collected all coins within the time limit, there are three more extra lives.

A round of platforms awaits between the second and third arena . In these platform rounds you complete jump-and-run events and collect coins within the time limit. These coins lose value again this time. Have you collected all the coins within the time and collected enough points, you activate a second lightning round.

If you kill all of the prey demons, a glowing skull will appear on the field. This is the point multiplier. When you collect the point multiplier, “Onslaught” is activated. On the one hand you get points for killing demons and at the same time you cause significantly more damage.

The size of the point multiplier and the duration of “Onslaught” depend on the value of the skull. If you kill the prey demons while they still have the gold value, you will get the gold point multiplier. For silver and bronze there is a correspondingly weaker point multiplier.

You cannot save manually in Horde mode. At the beginning of one of the three levels, the game automatically saves your progress so that you get out and do not have to restart the entire cycle the next time. But: If you lose all of your extra lives, the run is considered to have failed and you have to start all over again – i.e. the first level!

How do I properly prepare for a run?

The premise of Horde mode is kept simple – kill all demons. But if you want to achieve the highest possible high score in order to get a high rating in one of the new leaderboard lists, it takes more than just bluntly killing all enemies.

Switches down a level of difficulty

The number of demons and their constellation remains the same with each run. This means that the two tyrants in Arena 3 of Level 1 appear in the same places on each run. Even if you have mastered the combat system and have invested many hours in DOOM Eternal, we still recommend playing through the Horde mode on a low level of difficulty first. This is how you get to know the individual enemy constellations, prey demons and arenas.

Take your time

A typical Horde run takes between an hour and an hour and a half. Since there are only checkpoints at the beginning of a level, you always have to plan at least 20 to 30 minutes if you want to play a round of Horde. You will definitely want to finish one level per session, otherwise, you will have to start the entire level from the beginning. This also saves your current weapon selection – extremely useful if you already got strong weapons like the super shotgun or the ballista in the first level.

DOOM Eternal: Horde Guide How do I get the high score up?

At this point, we give you a few tips with which you can effectively collect points.

Always play the bonus rounds

The bonus rounds are optional, but give a lot of points because, thanks to tools like the traps, you can really easily kill many large demons in a short period of time. Unlocking a bonus round is not difficult, especially for experienced players, and a bonus round does not take longer than a minute.

Always kill the prey demons

Prioritize the loot demons as soon as they appear in the arena. They give you a lot of extra points if you kill them, as long as they still have the gold value. The subsequent bonus waves are a real challenge, but if you want a lot of points, you can’t get past them.

Save the point multiplier

Do not collect the point multiplier as soon as it is on the field. It always takes a few seconds before the next wave starts, so you’d just be wasting it. The multiplier is only worthwhile when the really big demons such as tyrants, hell barons or marauders appear. You already get more points for large demons and thanks to the increased damage from “Onslaught” you kill demons much faster and can kill more demons for a particularly high number of points.

We, therefore, recommend playing the Horde mode on a lower level of difficulty. Because if you know the arenas, you can assess much better when the use of the point multiplier is worthwhile.

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