CoD Vanguard: Xbox and PlayStation Disk Space required

Usually, the amount of disk space a game needs is not given much attention. Exceptions prove the rule, and that includes Call of Duty. For this reason in particular, the official information has now been published.

CoD Vanguard: Xbox and PlayStation Disk Space needed

The required storage space of CoD Vanguard depends on both the console and the generation:

  • On the Xbox Series X / S it is 61 GB, on the Xbox One only 56.6 GB.
  • The PlayStation 5 requires 64.13 GB, the PlayStation 4 requires 54.65 GB.
  • It should be noted, however, that additional space is automatically reserved on Sony consoles. The total storage space required is 89.84 GB (PS5) and 93.12 GB (PS4).

Although the developers manage to stay below 100 GB, many players should still have a little cleanup. This is especially true for PlayStation owners who have to provide a good part of their hard drive capacity due to the reserved storage space.

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