Back 4 Blood: Infected Guide

Back 4 Blood lets you compete against gigantic meat monsters and other mutants in addition to normal zombies. With us you will find out how you can bring them all back to the afterlife.

In our infected guide to Back 4 Blood you will learn:

  • Which special infected people are there?
  • How you fight them
  • Which boss infected there are
  • How you fight the boss infected

In Back 4 Blood, an alien parasite turns people into bloodthirsty monsters. Your job is to cleanse the world of these mutants. In this guide, we show you which creatures await you and how you can defeat them.

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What types of infected are there in Back 4 Blood?

There are three types of infected:

  • Regular infected people
  • Special infected
  • Boss Infected

The regular infected are standard zombies as you know them from pop culture. They run up to you and hit you with their fists. Most of them can take very little and usually attack in groups. Individual infected people pose no danger, but on the highest level of difficulty, they can cause massive damage with just a few blows.

What types of infected are there in Back 4 Blood

Some commonly infected people wear special clothing such as police protective vests. These can withstand a bit more but can be dealt with with a few aimed shots in the back.

Which specially infected people are there?

The parasite has turned some infected people into terrifying mutants. There are four classes of especially infected people in total. With three exceptions, all especially infected people have orange weak spots on their bodies.

By the way, did you know that you can control the special infected in swarm mode yourself? In our guide, we give you tips for fighting as a zombie.

The stinger class

The stingers are four-armed zombies with little health but good acrobatics. Among other things, you can hold on to walls and jump very high. There are three stinger subclasses.


The regular stinger spits on you with corrosive acid projectiles. Stingers usually hide in the area and only come out of their hiding place for brief moments to spit on you. In such moments, keep moving so that you don’t get hit by all the projectiles. Their weak point is on the chest.


This subspecies behaves similarly to the regular stinger, but instead of spitting acid, it spits sticky biomass. This will fix you on the spot – you can only free yourself with a stun gun or if you have equipped the “Outbreak” card. Otherwise, you can only be freed by your fellow players. The biomass causes constant damage, so you should free captured players as soon as possible.

The weak point of the stool is also on the chest.


Unlike their blood relatives, the stalkers specialize in hand-to-hand combat. They attack you with a jump attack and then try to pull you away from the other survivors. Stalkers are particularly dangerous for players who roam alone. Their weak point is on their head.

The Reeker class

Reeker are fat zombies that attack you in close combat and always explode when they die! Their bowels are corrosive, so keep those infected with Reeker at a distance. There are three Reeker subclasses.


These are very thick, armored zombies that attack you in close combat. Their goal is to get them to explode so that they cover you with slime. This mucus caused no direct damage but attracts infected at. Get some distance and kill Reeker from a distance so that you don’t get caught in the slime.


The exploders are betting on a suicide attack in which they run towards you and explode. If an exploder approaches you, try to avoid it instead of killing it. Do not use any melee weapons either, as the explosion does a lot of damage. The weak point is on the stomach.


Retches puke you with a very noxious jet of acid. Its beam has a long-range, so keep moving when you meet a retch. After Kotzattacke also remain acid puddles on the floor that you can still do damage. Most retches spawn at higher levels where they can spit down – so keep an eye on rooftops when the characters issue a retch warning.

Their weak point is on the head.

The tallboy class

Tallboys are large zombies with a giant mutated arms. They can withstand a lot and also cause a lot of damage – but they are quite slow. There are also three subclasses here.


The tallboy attacks you with his mutated arm. When he gets close enough to you, he’ll start thrashing around with his arm. Its weak point is on the right shoulder. But tallboys willfully turn away with your arm when you try to shoot the weak spot. Circling the Tallboy with your fellow players and firing continuously on the shoulder.


In the end, Bruisers are just a stronger variant of the normal Tallboy. However, Bruisers carry out an attack in which they quickly hit the floor with their arms several times in a row in a large area. This attack does enormous damage and knocks you back – so keep your distance from the Bruiser. The weak point is also on the right shoulder.

Back 4 Blood: Infected Guide


Crushers grab you with their tentacles and then crush you. The only way to free yourself is to use an electric baton or the “Breakout” card. Otherwise, your teammates have to take care of it. But since the Crusher can only crush one player at a time and doesn’t fight during that time, he doesn’t really become a threat if you stay together.

Its weak point is on the neck.

Sleeper and Snitcher

While Stinger, Reeker and Tallboys appear on every level, these infected only appear on certain maps. In addition, they differ from the other especially infected people in the way they attack.


Sleepers cannot move and basically act like a trap. They are attached to walls in biomass capsules and jump at you when you approach the capsule. Mostly they hang in poorly visible places such as dark alleys or in seemingly unimportant adjoining rooms. If you don’t own a stun gun or the “breakout” ability, only teammates can get you out of a sleeper.

Back 4 Blood: Infected Guide


Snitch is English slang and means something like “traitor” – and that’s exactly what the snitchers do. As soon as they notice you, they scream loudly and attract a large horde of infected people. Snitcher are blind, but respond to noise and fire. If you fire a weapon further away from a Snitcher, the Snitcher will move in that direction.

Snitcher move slowly through areas and do not automatically attack you. It’s best to all shoot a snitcher at the same time to kill him before he can scream. With melee weapons, you can stun Snitcher and prevent screaming. However, if you don’t want to take any chances, you can also try sneaking past them.

Which boss infected are there in Back 4 Blood?

You will also meet strong bosses infected in the course of the campaign. At this point, we issue a spoiler warning.

The Hag

The Hag only wanders around on some maps and does not actively attack you. But as soon as a player attacks the Hag or otherwise alarms it, the message “Player (name) has alarmed the Hag” appears. She then ignores the rest of the team and just focuses on the player who startled her. If it seizes the player, it will devour him and then try to bury in the ground – if it can do that, the eaten player is dead.

The only way to save the eaten player is to deal enough damage to the Hag. The weak point is on the back. By the way, players with the ability “Breakout” can free themselves from the grips of the Hag.

Basically, you should avoid fights with hags, as it poses a high risk and also wastes a lot of ammunition and resources. However, should a fight be unavoidable, grenades and Molotov cocktails work particularly well. Before attacking the Hag, you should also choose a player who will startle them and then lure them away so that the other team members can shoot at the weak spot in their back. Ideally, it should be a player with good sprint speed values.

The ogre

The ogre is a huge colossus with a large health bar. These infected bosses attack you with smashing attacks or throw huge lumps of meat at you. When hiding in a room or building, ogres will reach through the door with their hands – if they catch you, they will pull you out and throw you against the wall. So always stay away from doors when an ogre is around.

Once the health bar is reduced to half, the ogre will try to bury itself. If you don’t manage to kill him by then, he will reappear at a later point in the level. Fire everything you have on your chest – that is where its weak point is. If you kill him at the first encounter, it will make the rest of the level easier for you. So don’t be afraid to use grenades and other power equipment.

The breaker

The Breaker is a muscular zombie who attacks you in close combat. He moves quite slowly, but can also cover medium-sized distances with jumping attacks. But you don’t need any special tactics – keep your distance and shoot at the weak spots on the chest and leg. In the end, the breaker is just a stronger reeker that doesn’t explode.

The abomination

In the end, you will face abomination – a gigantic parasite that lives underground. However, the fight is more like an event than a real boss fight. In the first part of the fight, fire at the pustules in his mouth and avoid the tentacles. Once you have done enough damage, the abomination will flee.

In the next phase, all you have to do is track them and finish the job. Shoot all your weak spots before the time limit is over. If you did that, the abomination dies and you will be rewarded with a final sequence.

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