Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where the Stone Falls – Choose Aldermann

In the quest “Where the stone falls” in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have to decide who will be the new Aldermann from Lincolnnescire: Hunwald, Herefrith or Aelfgar?

The King of Lincolnescire is dead! In the quest “Where the stone falls” you will be tasked with finding a suitable successor . There are three candidates to choose from, but who should you choose? In this guide you will learn:

  • Anyone applying for the post of Aldermann
  • What to look out for when choosing
  • What are the consequences of your decision

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Who will be the new ruler of Lincolnescir?

Three people have their eyes on the Aldermann post in Lincolnescir. One of them is Hunwald, the son of the deceased. Compared to the other two candidates, he is still very young and therefore inexperienced. Herefrith, on the other hand, is a bishop and accordingly has a strong connection to the church and his faith. And then there is Aelfgar, who is known as a vain nobleman.

Basically, you can choose any of the three candidates to be the next Aldermann, but your decision has an impact on the following storyline. So you shouldn’t rush your choice.

Your choice is obvious …


Since Hunwald’s father was already in charge of Lincolnescir, it would only be right for his son Hunwald to take over the post of Aldermann, wouldn’t it? Should you choose Hunwald, Herefrith will be anything but happy about it. He is so angry that he wants everyone present at the ceremony to be killed .

You must first help Hunwald to stop the attackers and then plan a counterattack. The battle will go well for you and Aldermann von Hunwald. In the end, you have the opportunity to kill Herefrith – and thus take out another member of the Order of Elders. For offline game evenings with an Assassin’s Creed feeling


As you have already read a paragraph before, Herefrith turns out to be a member of the Order of Elders. Should you choose him to be Aldermann in the course of the quest “Where the stone falls”, then logically there will be no attack. The quest is over with your decision, but Herefrith’s true identity remains secret for the time being. It only turns out later in the game.


The nobleman is also not a bad choice, but Herefrith will attack as well. In this case, too, you must repel the attack, go into battle and kill the bishop. However, Aelfgar remains afterward the Aldermann of Lincolnnescir. Hunwald, on the other hand, is leaving his city and moving to your settlement with his wife Svanhild.

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